Nicolette Leigh Yates
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Pareidolia Series

Pareidolia is the phenomena of finding images in random shapes, such as ink colors and blotches in the case of my work.

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Hi, I'm Nicolette.

Born in 1981. I was raised in a rural area right outside of Winston Salem, NC. I explored the hunting trails and farm fields around the farm house I grew up in. I would create epic narratives about the spirit of the forests around me and my relationship to what I observed. I later attended a Buddhist university in Colorado where I studied dance and writing for a year before attending UNC Asheville in my home state. I received a BA in sculpture. I’m currently working in 2D and living in Arden NC with my husband and seven year old daughter.



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 Porcinicorn believes in you! Do you believe?

Porcinicorn believes in you! Do you believe?

 *Trumpet Sounds*

Porcin-icorn Enamel Pin! 


porcin (of or relating to pigs) cornu (“horn”).


Adorn your lapel with the most enthusiastic creature of them all. 


Up coming Show:

WAMREV Gallery

at Revolution Mill

in Greensboro, NC

Sunday Dec. 2nd 11am-5pm


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