My Story

"Art Is a Mirror."

I'm originally from the triad area of North Carolina. I grew up on the edge of Kernersville where I had run of my neighbor's farm fields and my father's hunting trails in the surrounding woods. Making up stories while exploring the land was my first encounter with my own creativity. My stories were influenced by a copy of the children's version of the Odyssey I found in Kindergarten as well as the faces I saw in the shapes of tree bark, leaves, grasses, and clouds around me.

As a teen, I dealt with the mental constructs formed by divorce, bullying, negative self-talk, and negative body image through music, art, and buddhist thought. While not a musician, I love music and met most of my best friends through our connection to live, local music. I made my own clothes at times in high school and stayed up way too late making collages, mix tapes, or strange drawings. 

I was eager to explore the world, and after one semester of graphic design at community college, I decided to go to Australia instead. So I worked for several months and saved up with some help from my travel buddy to go to Australia for 3 months. We did a lot of walking and writing while there. I discovered dance and somewhat healed my issues with body image through that art.  At Naropa University In Boulder, I studied dance and writing then moved back to my homestate to study geology and sculpture at UNC-Asheville.

I currently live just outside of Asheville, NC in the Blue Ridge Mountains with my husband and almost 7 year-old daughter.