Join Us at Art Camp July 22-26, 8am-12pm...

Children learn a lot about the world through making art. They gain confidence, spatial awareness, creative thinking skills, and a greater sense of identity by following creative pursuits throughout their lives.

We are incredibly excited to offer up the space at Garage Underground- "The Studio" to aid them in this pursuit and provide you with experienced and engaged summer care for your child. We will work with a variety of materials each day to create unique works of art. We will go to the playground everyday, weather permitting. And we will walk to the library, rain or shine (but not lightening) to read stories as a group and on our own. One healthy snack will be provided. Please pack a water bottle and rain jacket or umbrella on rainy days. Apply sunscreen beforehand as needed. Any questions please call or email: nicolettely@gmail.com or (828) 582-3152

$170/week or limited spots for by-the-day campers at $40/day.

ART CAMP is at 3461 Hendersonville Rd, Fletcher, NC 28732. Drop off in back of building at The Studio door.

PS The playground is getting a beautiful makeover!